Muscle Testing to balance the body

Kinesiology developed from a combination of the structural background of Osteopathy with the principles of the Chinese Meridian system.We also bring in an understanding of Nutrition, Magnet Therapy and Vibrational Healing making this a very powerful therapy. Treatments are targeted to the needs of the individual by literally asking the body what is needed.

Kinesiology #01A healthy body is a combination of structural, biochemical, emotional and energetic balance. Everybody is aware of the impact of stress on the body, but all emotions are involved in well being. What we put into the body by way of the foods we eat or the chemicals from our modern environment all contribute to health.

Muscle testing enables the practitioner to identify imbalances in the body. It is then possible to find out the most appropriate corrections for the individual. The process is rather like peeling an onion - we deal with the bodies' first priorities and work through the layers as they come to the surface.

The treatment is interactive - this is not a therapy where you can doze off. You remain fully clothed and interact with the therapist to correct your imbalances. This may involve massaging reflexes on the body, using acupressure points, magnets or tuning forks. It is likely that you will need to make some lifestyle changes, take nutritional supplements or flower essences as a follow on between treatments. Most clients find intervals of four to six weeks appropriate.

Nutrition Advice and a Food Diary analysis can be obtained from Rachael Scott CLICK HERE. This can be a useful addition to any therapy and a valuable starting point for a Kinesiology treatment.

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