From Head to Toe!

Reflexology and Indian Head Massage both derive from ancient healing practices. The feet and hands are maps of all parts of the body. Stimulating these reflexes has a balancing effect. The feet, hands and head also have the beginning and ending points of all the Chinese Meridians so these can be brought into treatments where appropriate.

Reflexology / Indian Head Massage #01Treatments are fully clothed, apart from removal of footwear for Reflexology. Both treatments are very relaxing and clients may well fall asleep. Sometimes it is appropriate to work deeply into reflexes or stimulate acupressure points which can be tender. This can all be geared to the requirements of the client.

Reflexology is an ancient therapy, using the feet to treat the whole body. Some clients experience sensations in their bodies during the treatment. It is beneficial for general health maintenance and can support a range of conditions. Hormonal imbalances are usually improved with regular weekly treatment. I worked at a hospice for two years, where stroke victims, diabetic peripheral neuropathy and other neurological conditions all showed improvement.

Indian Head Massage is very relaxing and can be shortened to a Neck and Shoulder Massage if preferred. We store a huge amount of tension in this area so these techniques can dramatically enhance your feelings of well being.

I taught the Reflexology Diploma at the Raworth Centre in Dorking until it closed in 2010.

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