The Power of Vibration

Crystal Therapy is a vibrational healing technique. Each crystal has individual qualities including colour, chemistry and structure. Crystals can be selected to interact with all aspects of the Human Energy Field: chakras, meridians and auras.

It may seem a strange concept but I recently placed my chakra tuning forks in a crystal grid. When I came back, the forks were all humming gently having picked up the resonance from the crystals. Image these energising and balancing your body!

Crystals, Sound and Shamanic. crystalsClients remain fully clothed apart from removing shoes. Crystals may be placed on the body and used in the energy field around the body to clear blockages and heal the energy field and flows.

A Sound Healing treatment is a very powerful experience. Again, clients remain fully clothed and it is possible to do seated treatments for anybody who finds it difficult to lie down. I make use of my voice and a range of instruments such as tuning forks, drums and tibetan bowls.

I am also a Shamanic Practitioner. Shamanic Healing includes Soul Energy Release, removal of energetic intrusions and Soul Retrieval. Drums, rattles and crystals may be used.

Drumming can entrain the brain waves, allowing a shift into a deep meditative or hypnotic state. This is where soul healing and past life work can occur.

The human body is mainly water which picks up the crystal or sound resonances in every cell creating energy shifts at a deep level. The treatments are gentle and relaxing and some clients fall asleep. Many clients will feel energy shifts during their treatment, although, as with most healing modalities and energy therapies, the process is likely to be ongoing for 24 to 48 hours.

Crystals, Sound and Shamanic. ChakrasI am a member of and accredited tutor for the College of Sound Healing CLICK HERE
Sound Bath Meditations now available in Arundel. If you find it hard to relax, the vibration of Sound will entertain the brain waves into a deep meditative healing state. Just lie down and listen. You'll need to bring mats, blankets and cushions to make yourself comfortable - contact me for details

Details of courses and workshops can be found on my teaching website: In-Balance Academy

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